Western Softwoods

TYR Wood Products has an office located in British Columbia, specializing 100% on coastal British Columbia softwood lumber with a focus on Shop thru Clear High Grade. This allows TYR to have on site lumber inspection and quality control. TYR has developed long term relationships with local mills and custom cut operations.


Western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) is the most abundant species of trees growing in British Columbia coastal area. Its fiber has high strength, stiffness and density which makes it ideal for most structural and industrial uses from framing lumber to heavy timbers to engineered components. Hemlock is also easily pressure treated, making it a preferred choice where preservative-treated wood is required. Hemlock is excellent for finishing and staining because of its light color (almost white), lack of pitch, excellent machining properties and a fine straight grain.

Douglas Fir (Oregon Pine)

Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) makes up approximately 10% of British Columbia’s coastal forests. Douglas Fir shares many of the technical properties of Hemlock. Clear and Shop grades are ideal for many appearance and joinery applications such as paneling, furniture, windows and doors. Douglas Fir is often used with a clear finish because of its attractive reddish-brown color and distinctive grain

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) is a unique species because of its stability (approximately 50% less shrinkage than other softwoods), light weight and high natural durability. Western Red Cedar trees comprise about 20% of the mature coastal forest. Western Red Cedar is the preferred species for exterior applications such as siding, decking, fencing, windows, doors, roof tiles and a multitude of landscape applications. Its stability makes it a superior product where exterior paint or a stained finish is required. Its fine grain and natural stability result in a minimum amount of checking when subjected to cycles of wetting and drying. Western Red Cedar is also popular for interior decoration applications such as paneling, joinery and saunas, in both smooth and saw-textured finishes.